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Committed to rich, varied, experimental, well left of centre, original, creative programming – and banging club nights!

Our programme creates space for colourful and playful performers with a focus on experimental genres, world music, women in music, new music, young musicians, music that blurs boundaries, folk, alt-folk and more.

Our programme is diverse; it ranges from life drawing to techno with many colours in-between. To make it easier to understand we have created three clear seasons a year and a repeating weekly pattern. In between our Autumn, Spring and Summer seasons we are still open for other people’s events and occasional pop ups of our own.

Live music generally costs money, community events definitely cost money. Club nights pay for most of the other stuff that happens at Cobalt. Every drink and ticket you buy goes directly towards supporting culture and community, not to private pockets.

We design our seasonal programme in house… They’re free to pick up and we distribute over 15000 of them in Newcastle and beyond, you may have had one through your door! If you come across one in the wild they’re free to pick up and take away… so keep your eyes peeled! 

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