The Mama’s Club is a Circolo Arci was born in 1993 and lives thanks to the voluntary work of the members and entry is reserved to the holders of the relative card. It is also possible to join in the opening days of the club, which is valid for the whole year and can be used in all the initiatives promoted by the Arci at provincial and national level. The cost of the card this year is 10 €. For more information cell.3319118800

What do you do at Mama’s?

I Friday. Cultural evenings dealing with subjects such as literature, poetry, music, opera, cinema, travel and leisure. In recent years we have self-produced theatrical evenings, music and authors (F.De Andrè), literary competitions with final presentation of the best texts, small historical events, the less known life of the inhabitants of our city and their qualities and aspirations.

On Saturdays, authentic music live with the musicians in close contact with the public, with sounds, rhythms and instruments from all over the world.

The appreciations of our audience are: the magic of the sounds and the artistic qualities of the musicians.

WATCH AND LISTEN selected music videos

Julia Biel – Live from the church


Motherboard Pinball


Watch and Listen – Loucin


VOTI – Newcastle Jazz Festival 2021


VOTI – Robert Mitchell’s 50th Birthday Concert


VOTI – Julian Siegel: Tales from the Jacquard


APPJAG Review of Jazz in England


Watch and Listen – Deemer #2


Watch and Listen – Queen Mab


Watch and Listen – Deemer


Watch and Listen – Ivo Neame


Watch and Listen – Eliza Oakes


Watch and Listen – Isobella Burnham


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Yazz Ahmed In Conversation


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 2


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 1


Watch and Listen – DJ Ritu


- click here to add events, both online and in-person

Sarah Moule & Simon Wallace Valentine’s Day – Love Go Round

Feb 14, 2022
  The Pheasantry, PizzaExpress King's Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4UT

Jazz In The Round – Celebrating 10 Years

Jan 31, 2022
  The Cockpit


Jan 18, 2022
  The Roundhouse

Komodo Horns + Francesca Confortini

Jan 19, 2022
  Pizza Express Jazz Club (Soho)

Julian Costello Quartet

Jan 20, 2022
  Spice of Life

Dom Pipkin & The Ikos Trio

Jan 20, 2022
  Boston Room at George IV

Art Themen Quartet

Jan 21, 2022
  The Bulls Head

Vasilis Xenopoulos Dexterity Quintet

Jan 28, 2022
  The Progress Theatre


Jan 20, 2022
  The Bulls Head


Feb 4, 2022


Mar 2, 2022


Jan 27, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe


Feb 4, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe

Hannah Horton Quartet

Feb 27, 2022
  Colchester Arts Jazz Club


Apr 21, 2022

coming soon

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