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The Mama’s Club is a Circolo Arci was born in 1993 and lives thanks to the voluntary work of the members and entry is reserved to the holders of the relative card. It is also possible to join in the opening days of the club, which is valid for the whole year and can be used in all the initiatives promoted by the Arci at provincial and national level. The cost of the card this year is 10 €. For more information cell.3319118800

What do you do at Mama’s?

I Friday. Cultural evenings dealing with subjects such as literature, poetry, music, opera, cinema, travel and leisure. In recent years we have self-produced theatrical evenings, music and authors (F.De Andrè), literary competitions with final presentation of the best texts, small historical events, the less known life of the inhabitants of our city and their qualities and aspirations.

On Saturdays, authentic music live with the musicians in close contact with the public, with sounds, rhythms and instruments from all over the world.

The appreciations of our audience are: the magic of the sounds and the artistic qualities of the musicians.

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