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BSF is THE urban Music Festival & MUCH MORE… Join us!!!!

With 10 DAYS of MUSIC, the Festival therefore brings together a host of culture to suit every pocket, set among the decor of the capital’s most prestigious buildings!


Lauched in 2002 by the City of Brussels, this event can today boast of being the most important culural event in Brussels in the summer.

Through the years, the Brussels Summer Festival has spilled beyond the purely musical setting to affirm its multi-disciplinary calling and thereby define its specific nature !

In accordance with the wishes of the City of Brussels, the Brussels Summer festival is henceforth Embedded in the capital’s cultural tradition and enjoys a growing réputation abroad !

The undeniable success of the Brussels Summer Festival is due first and foremost to the tenacious détermination of the organisers to combine ease of access, diversified programming and exceptional sites.


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