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Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival offers the alternative to commercial festivals that promise jazz but deliver watered down soul, pop-funk and R’n’B – showcasing deep jazz from leading artists from the US, Europe and the UK. Taking inspiration from long running avant-garde jazz festivals such as New York’s Vision Festival and Germany’s Moers Festival, it proposes a genuine alternative to more mainstream festivals, providing a platform for the truly left-field – while maintaining an emphasis on music that isn’t afraid to swing. Over one weekend, in an intimate venue by the sea, Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival will present some of the most creative and risk-taking musicians working in 21st century jazz and improvised music. The festival seeks to redress the gender imbalance present in too many jazz festivals, by inviting key women in avant-jazz to perform. Moreover, it looks beyond the London-centric, PR-driven view of UK festival programming, providing an opportunity for players from thriving scenes in other parts of the UK. Above all, Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival aims to present music that speaks to the heart, the soul and the mind.


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