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Inspired by the sounds of Lester Young, Benny Goodman, Louis Jordan and Nat King Cole this band, led by saxophonist, clarinetist and vocalist Björn McAteer Dahlberg plays classic swing with a good sense of humour. The band was formed 2 years ago in order to play at the Jumping At The Seaside Swing dance events and are proud of being the ultimate swing dance band. Björn is regularly seen as a sideman in a multitude of bands, including Harry’s Tricks, Flash Mob Jazz, The Swing Ninjas and Swing Zazou as well as portraying Lester Young in the Billie Holiday play “My Friend Lester”  and thrives in the role as a leader. His band mates are some of the most sought after swing musicians in the area. The group size goes from duo with sax/clarinet and guitar or piano up to a 9-piece band with 5 horns known as Björn & the Brothers of Rhythm Big Band. Expect hard swinging fun!

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