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Beverley is best known for her hit “Passion”
Which she performed with the Group “Gat Décor” in 1996 on her top 5 debut on TOTP.
She can also be heard on the albums of artist such as Tina Turner, Sir Elton John, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and many more.
Beverley’s version of “Love Letters” featured one of the last guitar solos from George Harrison ( The Beatles)

Over the years Beverley has performed on films such as Evita staring Madonna, The Beloved which starred Oprah Winfrey, The life of David Gale starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet, and The Hit man’s Bodyguard with Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds where her recognizable sound is evident. 
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Beverley Skeete
My Heaven
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Beverley Skeete
Run Through The Jungle
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