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The Belgian Jazz Meeting is a biannual showcase happening and professional networking event. The aim is to give an international platform to jazz artists from Belgium and promote the Belgian jazz scene abroad.

Discoveries, musical but also professional encounters, a friendly atmosphere; the Belgian Jazz Meeting is a great opportunity, for Belgian and foreign professionals as well as the participating artists, to discover music, deepen their understanding, exchange opinions, work together…

The rich and varied programme will enable you to discover different – sometimes multi-faceted – emerging or confirmed artists. They cover the complete range of so-called improvised music, with as much talent as they have professionalism and passion.

The event is on invitation only. Please contact us for more information.

Jazz Bruges/De Werf Arts Centre,
Flanders Arts Institute,
JazzLab Series,
Lundis D’Hortense,
Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques

To organise this event we get support from the Flemish Goverment, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the city of Bruges and the province of West-Flanders.


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