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Baltic Jazz is held in one of the few old factory towns, which still have an active industry. Dalsbruk was founded in 1886 by Swedish mintmaster Daniel Faxell, and was one of Finland’s first iron factories. In 1688 the first blast furnace stodd ready for use, and thus the society was built around it. Then, as now, the municipality relied just as much on the lively harbour and the surrounding archipelago, as on the iron itself. At its peak, the industry employed nearly 2000 workers, and around the year 1900 it was one of the largest iron factories in Finland. Today ”immigration” is equally important, though it now mainly consists of tourism, which has become just as large an industry as the industry itself.

Baltic Jazz wished to honor Dalsbruk’s illustrious past and highlight the rich industrial culture that is preserved and still active. The music sounds amidst landmarks of this history.


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