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As whimsical wisdom dictates, a rock musician plays three chords in front of 3,000 while a jazz musician plays 3,000 chords in front of three, however Ballydehob Jazz Festival is set to turn that myth on its head.

Knowing the challenge of attracting a large jazz audience to the outskirts of civilisation, this boutique festival consistently manages to transform its rural village atmosphere into a magical venue for what is a decidedly unique event.

Regularly drawing enthusiastic crowds to its free and festive street concerts, the popular Pub Trail; and the funky late-night Festival Club, filling ticketed headline concerts to capacity always remains a challenge. With a commitment to high standards and current trends, each year the organisers book internationally renowned artists including star names such as pianist Joe Davidian, saxophonist Michael Buckley, and vocalist/ pianist Liane Carroll.
In support of these will be a string of gifted musicians filling the street, pubs, cafes, and schools of this idyllic village known for throwing a festival at every change of wind.


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