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Saturday 31 March at 6.30 pm:Tribute to Nougaro: André Ceccarelli and David Linx Claude Nougaro was a hugely influential singer-songwriter who left the nation nearly 250 songs and other pieces. Most of which were inspired by American jazz. André Ceccarelli and David Linx will provide an unforgettable evening’s entertainment revisiting some of Nougaro’s finest songs.

Sunday 1 April, at 6.30pm: Diégo Imbert, Franck Agulhon, Pierre Alain Goualsh and Sylvain Beuf Sylvain Beuf explores the spheres of French and European jazz combining his passion for writing, improvisation and collaboration on saxophone, clarinet and flute. Accompanied by Diégo Imbert on double bass, Franck Agulhon on drums and Pierre Alain
Goualsh on piano, this concert is sure to get the atmosphere going for this 5th year of Jazz Up. Sylvain Beuf has performed all over the world, including in Vienna, Nice, Russia, the US and Japan.

Monday 2 April at6pm:Jazz Émergence
In partnership with the C.N.V. and SPEDIDAM, 4 jazz and modern music schools (APEJS (Chambéry), IMFP (Salon-de-Provence), Jazz à Tours (Tours) and Music’Halle (Toulouse)) present 4 groups taking part in a work-experience tour of 5 festivals. A real discovery.

Tuesday 3 April: Virginie Teychené
She is not only a singer, but also a real interpreter of songs, a musician, a scat perfomer, a genuine Jazzwoman. For her abilities are wide: American Jazz standards,Brazilian or French standards, original compositions

Wednesday 4 April at 6.30 pm:Pura Fé
This American blues singer will move you. Pura has Native American Tuscarora blood on her mother’s side, whom was a classically trained singer who toured with Duke Ellington.
She keeps alive the Native American culture in her version of blues in which she asserts her Native American influences.

Thursday 5 April at 18h30, Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet
Jonathan is without a doubt one of the highest profile guitarists on the New York jazz scene. While keeping to tradition, the group develops its own modern, personal style. Jonathan’s amazing technique never overrides the emotional impact that his compositions have on audiences.

Friday 6 April at 6pm: Last Night Extravaganza

Part one: Zénino – Canonge Duo
This duo has a distinctive way of performing simple, fluid interpretations of the jazz standards in the inimitable style of one of France’s top pianists. “A meeting of two personalities of jazz and related musical styles.” Pianist Mario Canonge and double bass player Michel Zénino go head to head in a red hot performance.
Part two: Olivier Ker Ourio Duo and Manuel Rocheman
Olivier Ker Ourio is today recognised as one of the best jazz chromatic harmonica players on the planet. Expressive and warm, his music will get your emotions going and comes straight from the heart.Manuel Rocheman is characterized by an evident virtuosity and a keen sense of harmony that make him a particularly fine pianist at ease as part of a duo .
Part three: Biréli Lagrène & Sylvain Luc Duo
As Django Reinhardt’s son Babik will tell you, Biréli Lagrène is certainly a worthy representative of Django. He’s a giant of gypsy jazz and world music guitar and one of the few French musicians with an international reputation. He has played with the greatest, in all the styles. Like Django, he can’t read music, but he can play anything by ear.
The freedom and space of the duo formula give Biréli Lagrène and Sylvain Luc all the room they need to transcend guitar music.


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