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You can not write the chronicle of a rebirth if you do not go back first to the past, to what has been the birth, in this case, of Atina Jazz Festival.
On May 28, 2004, it was a Friday, the lawyer Vittorio Fortuna died after a traffic accident, the creator, founder and soul of this event.
All the musicians who played at Atina and perhaps even all the spectators, can not but remember him always present, sitting in the front row in front of the stage, commenting noisily and inciting the musicians in a bizarre and loud voice.
He was like that.
In his professional life he was a well-known and respected criminal lawyer who was transformed when he spoke of music (he was also passionate and very fine classical music) until he appeared extravagant, also a character and part of the show.
His greatness was in manifesting the possibility of realizing things, whatever. Of the group of founders of the Jazz Festival of Atina Vittorio was in fact the dreamer, the visionary mind that 23 years ago had imagined being able to bring the best jazz musicians in the world to play in a small town in the province of Frosinone. For this crazy enterprise had involved a group of friends and, after having infected everyone with his enthusiasm, he had succeeded in realizing just what he had imagined.
And so it was.


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