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The Association is composed by contributing members, elected among people, associations, public and/or private companies, public or economic corporations which provides contribution it and by ordinary members elected by the Board of Directors who ask to enroll personally. The Association works without the sake of money.

The city of Lanciano, through Estate Musicale Frentana, since a musical tradition over the centuries, has considerably contributed to the artistic training of young musicians letting young people coming from all over the world receive a musical formation since the first edition of the International Summer Courses. In this way they can improve and develop their theoretical and pratical competence on music through a high level teaching strategy adopted by famous and competent conductors. It can be named famous musicians like Dallapiccola, Petrassi, Gavazzeni, Vlad, Donatoni, Rota; conductors as Ferrara, Chailly, Bellugi, De Bernart, Renzetti, Andreae and responsables of particular spheres, Perticaroli, Fait, Bacchelli, Sacchetti, Cavallotti, Tiboni. Art direction has been assigned over the years to Domenico Ceccarossi, Piero Guarino, Luigi Torrebruno, Bruno Boccia, Riccardo Allorto. A very prestigious award of “Papal Academies for its 30 year commitment in favour of young musicians from different countries” has been granted to the Association by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of Artists Jubilee (Holy Year 2000) , upon the recommendation of the Papal Academy of Arts and Letters of the Virtuous ai the Pantheon, founded in 1542. All the enterprises of the Association are supported and advised by: Ministry of Culture and Cultural activities, Region of Abruzzo, Province of Chieti, Municipality of Lanciano, Banca Popolare di Lanciano and Sulmona, other companies and private corporations.

L’associazione “Amici della Musica” FEDELE FENAROLI, with Estate Musicale Frentana, being at the 40 edition, has been following the same heading guides which have always characterized its activities: Excellence in teaching and learning; Flexible, differentiated courses based on the student’s needs; Achievement of self-sufficiency for everybody’s musical career.

Teaching courses, with different master classes, workshop, and concerts in a wide range of musical styles and of repertories, have been designed, in particular, for the instrumentalists who wish to get the necessary self-sufficiency of their musical career and the highest standard of performance which is experienced in the International Youth Symphonic Orchestra, the “musical realities” which every year renovate and rearrange the students participating to the courses.


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