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The Angelica project, which includes not only the International Music Festival but also a record label, i dischi di angelica, has tried in the course of the years to join pleasure to research in the field of music. A continual “de-contestualization” of place and time, a diversified and ever-changing programming, had made it possible to present an “apparently radical” music (radical also because it is rarely performed), in a climate where “conservation” was the rule to follow. Also due to a strongly lacking involvement of Italy’s music institutions, Angelica has always tried to stimulate musical life in this sense especially in its parent city, Bologna. It has also hosted round tables and meetings of all kinds in order to create a forum in which to explore the problems afflicting music today. Angelica, born 1991 (first edition) in the month of May. To briefly run through its life would be like making a catalogue of its problems, of the difficulties encountered, of suffered pleasure; it would be a reconstruction of the story of a never-defined and changing identity. Angelica has always tried to offer different aspects and dynamics of music, not only because of the fundamental importance of “variety” in music(al) “life”, but also to approach music differently with each edition, in order to express a less didactic and cold musical understanding and replace it with a more emotional one. Angelica seeks to represent every kind of musical research that moves in non-conventional circles, and that freely makes use of all the materials supplied by the different musical traditions. “International Music Festival”, it has always been expected that we give a more extensive definition of music: an open indication that would contain the variety that is music, with a focus on research, discovery. The mouvement of Angelica displays a will for “hybridization” within the vision of music’s present. Hybrid Angelica?. The question is made possible by the aspects that characterize Angelica’s personal story. Angelica hosts authors who have worked to free music from “classification”, to keep it moving, through creativity, invention, and exploration. Music moves. Space and time expand inexplicably. Angelica: a portable theatre, strolling. A wish to thank all those visible and invisible that have helped Angelica grow. (A concert is not the record.)


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