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The AMR, an association for the promotion of improvised music, is a unique musicians’ organization in Europe. Since its creation in 1973, the AMR has brought together musicians from Geneva and the Romans to promote the local scene, to organize collective workshops of improvisation music and to defend these musics as art forms. For over 40 years, and thanks in particular to the support of the City and the State of Geneva, it is responsible for a musical center which has just been enlarged and renovated. It is in its premises that it organizes throughout the year courses and workshops under the direction of experienced musicians. In its two venues, it hosts weekly musicians and jazz bands both from the region and internationally. In addition, AMR organizes all kinds of successful collaborations, in the field of jazz, rock, contemporary music, even drama or poetry. This is how it participates in the Franco-Swiss Festival “JazzContreBand” and the traveling festival “Swiss Diagonals Jazz”. The AMR International Jazz Festival is one of the most event held every spring in Geneva since 1982. The Festival’s formula has remained the same over the years: the AMR invites artists of international stature, European or American, as well as local emerging or confirmed artists. The festival consists of a series of two or three concerts. The listeners have the opportunity to discover the local talent in the first part of the evening. Orientée on the european improvisation musics at the beginning – the first edition of the festival was called “Festival of European Jazz” – the event s’ is gradually open to contemporary jazz as a whole. Given the limited resources of the AMR, the programming is not “highly touted” like many other high-budget festivals, which has not prevented the AMR from presenting most of the artists in the last three decades. who count in contemporary jazz.


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