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If you’re into your blues music or just fancy a bit of decent live music without having to pay more than a fiver then there ain’t nowhere to go but ain’t nothin but…!
This is a small bar with big character, every night of the week you’ll catch a band or two here or at the very least a jam night. My advice is to try and grab a few seats down by the front to make the most of the music. What with the bar being long and narrow, if you turn up late you may find it a bit of a struggle to get any sort of view of the band…but if you’re just in it for the music then you’ll be happy to prop yourself up at the bar with a Whisky.
Like the 12 Bar Club just at the other end of Soho this is one of the only true, gritty bars to have good bands on for cheap. Entrance is free Sunday-Thursday and before 20:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.
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