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Accidental is much more than a theatre, we’re a hub for all things wonderful, fun and special about the arts in Belfast. We may be strange and our building might be in need of some TLC; but we’re home to an exciting mix of talents that blend together just right to cook up a place that is simply marvellous. 
There’s always something different going on and it’s often an adventure.
This is our little theatre, a temporary refuge for collaborative arts in the heart of Belfast. We plan for this building to represent what we love in arts & culture, inside & beyond, this city of ours. As we focus on expanding audiences appetites for: theatre, music, art, dance and unclassifiable live performance.
We want the building to be a place for cultural & community creative collisions. As we help support & amplify the vibrancy of Belfast’s independent arts sector. Bringing together audiences & artists to support one another and build a more enriched community for us all.
Accidental is much more than a theatre, as we house offices, rehearsal space, recording space, and a lot more. It is a hub for the whole of Belfast to come to and create something new within our doors.
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