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A fifteen-years-old venue, five areas, fabulous view, excellent sound system, hundreds of tv-recordings, colourful local crowd and wonderful rich programme.

A38 – what is it and where does this strange name come from? And how has an ex-Soviet stone-carrier got to the Budapest riverside? Read more about the respectable history and miraculous transformation of ‘Tripolie’, the former Ukrainian barge.

A38 is the reincarnation of ‘Tripolie’, a Ukranian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968. The name comes from Artemovsk, which is the name of a ship prototype, and this one was the 38th unit of the ‘Artemovsk’ class. The re-building project lasted for one and a half years. Architects, ship engineers, acoustic designers, electricians, musicians and promoters contributed their skills and experience to make it an understated but elegant, for both artist and audience friendly place.

After these years of shaping and arranging, the A38 Ship opened its doors on April 30th 2003—the fifteen years passed since then are slowly becoming cultural history: one of Budapest’s most prestigious places has been born, where day by day legendary masters and enthusiastic youngsters introduce in all different music styles. Where more than one and half million people attended concerts, theatre performances, gastronomic manifestations, evenings of literature, exhibitions, discussions and film-screenings since its opening. Where more hundreds of concert-recordings have been made for all different tv channels. Where live CDs and DVDs have been recorded and released. Where more than ten thousand of artists and performers have been on stage during the past years. Where every day someting new, exciting and challenging is born thanks to the effort of more dozen people—program organizers, sound and light technicians, assistants, waiters, cooks, sailors and of course artists—working here. A civil, independent and free cultural institution, where culture is understood in its broadest sense with its all riches.

The A38 tries through its guest performances, invitations, festivals to be present in all spheres where exciting, unique, authentic things are happening. It does its best to switch the Hungarian capital into the international cultural circulation. The vision is simple and obvious: to be a culturally open, exciting, vibrating place in an open, exciting and vibrating city. The A38 Ship wants to provide with an experience, make it musical, theatrical, gastronomic, literal, artistic—intellectual or sensual.

Thus, A38 had become a cultural entertainment centre with international programme, restaurant, bar, concert hall, open-air terraces and lounge – all in one aboard as one of the most fascinating venues in Budapest. Since its opening it became the flagship of Budapest nightlife, a must-see spectacle on the Danube with scenic view and one of Europe’s coolest clubs.

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