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33 Records is a jazz record label founded in England by musician Paul Jolly. Established in 1990, 33 is a by-product of the now defunct 33 Arts Centre, a Luton based mixed media centre that from 1976 had also provided a place for younger musicians to play outside of London. With over 350 releases via its 3 labels, 33JAZZ, 33WM and 33Xtreme, the label has developed lastings relationships with many UK and internationally based artists. The label is distributed throughout Europe, USA and Japan. Current releases include work from The Simon Lasky Group / Paula Rae Gibson & Sam Leak / Tina May / Andy Lutter, The Marco Marconi Trio, Maciek Pysz / Gianluca Corona, Matt Dibble / Fabio Zambelli, KGQ, Benet McLean / Julian Costello /Justin Swadling / Piatti Quartet, Damon Brown / Matt Chandler and Zoe Schwartz. The back catalogue includes award winning releases from Tina May / Ray Bryant, Hans Koller / Steve Lacy, Nick Smart, Dick Heckstall- Smith and John Law’s Congregation.


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