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For many of us creating music can be a solo journey and most people work independently running and creating their own work schedules and structures.


It can be useful to connect with music organisations, which aim to support the work of musicians and music creators, to find advice and support when needs be.


Here we have a list of UK – registered music organisations, worth checking out:


  • Help Musicians UK – Help Musicians is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. They help at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career.


  • The Association of Independent Music – it is a home for hundreds of independent labels and artists, AIM offers great help, mentoring, opportunities, and a platform to independent musicians. AIM regularly hosts informative talks, networking opportunities, and discussions about existing trends and events in the music industry.


  • UK Music – UK Music is the collective voice of the UK’s world-leading music industry. They represent all sectors of our industry – bringing them together to collaborate, campaign, and champion music.


  • PRS – they pay royalties to their members when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public or used in film and TV. They support them by influencing policy, supporting and hosting awards and events, and investing in new technology to ensure they’re fit for the digital music age.


  • The Musicians’ Union – a trade union and community of thousands of musicians committed to protecting the members rights and advocating for a more equitable music industry.


  • Featured Artists Coalition – it is the UK trade body representing the specific rights and interests of music artists. They are an inclusive community that advocates, educates, collaborates and researches on behalf of artists, coming together to provide a strong, collective voice within the industry and to governments domestically and abroad.


  • Incorporated Society of Musicians – it is the UK’s professional body for musicians and a nationally recognised subject association for music. The organisation supports over 11,000 members across the UK and Ireland with their unrivalled expertise, comprehensive insurance and specialist services.


  • The Ivors Academy – is known as the UK’s independent association for music creators, composers and songwriters across all styles and genres. The organisation supports your work and celebrates it through campaigns, events, networks, and awards.


  • Music Publisher Association – the MPA exists to protect and enhance the rights of music publishers and the creators they represent, using education, collaboration and communication. We strive to be the catalyst for positive change in the music publishing community, by empowering our members to achieve their goals and by advocating on behalf of our industry to the world at large.


  • The Music Producers Guild – The MPG is a non-profit organisation that represents professional Record Producers, Recording Engineers, Mixers and Mastering Engineers from all backgrounds as well as Recording Studios to make sure that their voice is being heard within the music industry.


  • Phonographic Performance Limited – established in 1934, PPL exists to help ensure that those who invest their time, talent, and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work.


  • Music Managers Forum – they are the world’s largest professional community of music managers. Since its inception in 1992, the MMF has worked hard to educate, inform and represent UK managers as well as offering a network through which managers can share experiences, opportunities and information.


  • Reliable Source Music – one of the UK’s largest independent production music libraries, dedicated to providing quality and diverse music to the media. Reliable Source boasts a vast collection of more than 120,000 certified tracks in various styles and genres, sourced from catalogues and composers around the World.


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