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Making music on a budget can take you far.


Many of us can’t afford to book the best studio and team to create our music. DIY songwriters are becoming more skilled and independent in their musical creative output. We all have battles in how much it can cost to create music that we love and expresses our creative being.


Don’t let a budget ruin your dreams!


When you have that inspiration and new music idea, how can you get it produced on a budget while maintaining quality output?


Do your homework.


There are many websites/blog posts/videos on the internet that can teach you everything from building a DIY studio space, music production to recording, mixing and mastering tips.


Recording at home doesn’t have to be rocket science, everyone can do this. There’s always a way to keep creating on a budget while maintaining great quality.


A great mic, headphones, audio interface, initial knowledge of how to work a recording programme, and some basic knowledge of acoustics may be all you need.


Audio Gear –  3 Essentials For Recording Your Own Music



Prepare your recording space:


It’s not a good idea to record in the bathroom or kitchen, but in a bedroom when standing under a tent-like setup of a big blanket or duvet can give you the dry acoustics you need (gets rid of room reverbarations and echos). Or you could use your wardrobe as a sound buffer around your mic so you sing into your mic tucked into your clothes. Overall to create a dry sound on your vocals and acoustic instruments enables you to have more choice when adding character later when mixing.


While all these things may not seem as flash as booking a studio, but to be able to drop into and out of your creative process of recording when it works for you can give you a powerful flexibility. This can give the capacity of writing and recording when works for you both regarding time, work, and inspiration, that a fixed pressurised time recording in a professional can’t give you.


Plus when recording it’s good to make notes of what works for you and what doesn’t, so that you can build and develop the best way to record and develop your work to your sound.


Tips on how to set up a home recording studio:


Editing and mixing to a professional standard for radio play takes a skilled engineer, but to just initially record tracks of your new tune can be achieved and learned by gaining basic knowledge via youtube/online videos.




How to mix music – The simple guide to mixing


Explore and study options of recording programmes eg: Garage Band, Logic Pro, Ableton and many more…


Youtube offers an almost unlimited amount of videos and tutorials suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced. Do your research and don’t be afraid to seek help within the music community.




Check out some helpful videos on YouTube:


Music Production

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Music Production


The 17 music production tips (from worlds top producers)

I watched 300 hours of music production streams, here are my 17 FAVORITE tips (wish I knew sooner)


Explore and study options of affordable microphones:



If you need financial help to create new music checkout the funding options available in your city:



You can also check out some of our favourite websites full of tips for musicians:




You can find more information here:


How To Create Good Quality Songs On A Budget

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InMe & Raging Speedhorn

Dec 2, 2022
  The Garage

Nuadha Quartet

Dec 17, 2022
  Llanwarne Village Hall


Feb 22, 2023
  Alexandra Palace

Ahmed Fakroun

Feb 19, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

So Percussion with Caroline Shaw

Dec 4, 2022


Nov 30, 2022


Dec 1, 2022
  The Cavern Club Liverpool

Senses: A BLUES100 Live Experience

Feb 17, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe


Jan 15, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe


Dec 14, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham

Gabrielle Aplin

Jan 7, 2023
  Union Chapel

The Fabulous Red Diesel

Dec 4, 2022
  Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's


Feb 4, 2023
  Riverside Newcastle

Jazz In The Round: A Gift For Ukraine

Dec 5, 2022
  The Cockpit

Filomena Campus Quartet | Sirens’ Song | with Steve Lodder, Rod Youngs, Charlie Pyne

Nov 30, 2022
  PizzaExpress Live Soho


Dec 7, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham

Sleep Token

Jan 17, 2023
  O2 Academy Birmingham

Death Cab For Cutie

Mar 29, 2023
  Royal Albert Hall

Robert Mitchell and True Think

Dec 14, 2022
  The Lescar Hotel

Francis Dunnery

Jan 22, 2023
  Bush Hall

GOAT + Special Guest

Apr 16, 2023
  The Mill


Dec 8, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham


Dec 14, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe


Dec 7, 2022
  The Garage

Dirty Honey

Jan 24, 2023
  The Garage

Christmas with Katherine Jenkins

Dec 8, 2022
  Royal Albert Hall

Black Belt Eagle Scout

Feb 24, 2023
  Night & Day

Nile Marr

Feb 3, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe

Jamz Supernova (All Night Long)

Dec 2, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe

Carly Rae Jepsen

Feb 23, 2023
  Alexandra Palace

Alan Barnes Octet – Copperfield Jazz Suite at Stapleford Granary

Dec 1, 2022
  Stapleford Granary Arts Centre

Sticky Fingers

Feb 18, 2023
  Alexandra Palace

Andy McKee

Dec 11, 2022
  Bush Hall

Natasha Watts

Apr 7, 2023
  Bush Hall

Inside Out – Hannah Horton Quartet

Jan 18, 2023
  Pizza Express Jazz Club

Lisa T

Feb 16, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe


Dec 15, 2022

The Quireboys

May 18, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe


Dec 6, 2022
  The Glee Club Birmingham

GreenMatthews Gaudete – candlelit concert at Stapleford Granary

Dec 14, 2022
  Stapleford Granary Arts Centre

Onyx Brass – Candle lit Concert Stapleford Granary

Dec 13, 2022
  Stapleford Granary Arts Centre

Hoodie Allen

Feb 25, 2023
  The Mill

The Jordan

Mar 17, 2023
  Bush Hall

Sea Girls

Dec 1, 2022
  Alexandra Palace

Big Joanie

Jan 11, 2023
  The Garage

Those Damn Crows

Feb 19, 2023
  Riverside Newcastle

Gong + Ozric Tentacles

Nov 29, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham


Dec 8, 2022
  Night & Day Cafe

Faye Patton Nu Jazz Quartet + DJ After Party

Dec 3, 2022
  Temple of Art and Music (TAM)


Nov 29, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham
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