Beverley Skeete



We are honoured to be announcing the brilliant new single from the magnificent Beverley Skeete, ‘Can’t Do Right (for doing wrong)’ out now via Vocaphone Records. 


This feel-good sassy tune makes your shoulders go, your head nod, and next you’re up dancing away. Great classic pop sounds, strong groove, and stunning vocal layers – Beverley Skeete’s singing blows the worries away and lifts your soul.


Beverley has had a career that dreams are made of. She is best known for her hit “Passion” which she performed with the group “Gat Décor” in 1996 on her top 5 debut on TOTP. As well as being a first call singer for numerous high profile projects she was a pivotal member of ex-Rolling Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman’s project Rhythm Kings, playing and touring with them from the mid-1990s. 


As well as Bill, her CV is loaded with the names of dozens of well-known pop, soul and dance acts with whom she’s recorded including Robbie Williams, Will Young, Tina Turner, Jamiroquai and Dido. Her live credits are also extensive, including the likes of Elton John, Chaka Khan, Tom Jones and Johnny Cash. And if all that wasn’t enough she has also found the time to release five solo albums, and she is now blessing us with another!



Beverley has been using her lockdown period to write new material. With the world in a state of turmoil there is no shortage of subject matter to write about and Beverley has drawn on this to create some of her best work to date. She has just about finished her new album, ‘Liberty’, to be released on Vocaphone Records. The first single ‘Can’t Do Right (for doing wrong)’ is out now!



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