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The Cinematic Live Sessions

ConnectsMusic are excited to feature New Generation Jazz, who since 2015 have been dedicated to promoting the finest young British jazz artists to the wider community. Kicking off this week we’re announcing their Cinematic Live Sessions and what’s coming up!



New Generation Jazz

Based out of the multiple award nominated Verdict Jazz Club in Brighton, NGJ has presented five years’ worth of gigs and workshops by the brightest and best of the UK’s emerging jazz scene, at a time when more young UK artists are making headlines than ever before.

NGJ have worked with an incredible breadth of talent including Ezra Collective, Nerijá, Seed Ensemble, Nye Banfield, Jonny Mansfield’s Elftet, Sam Leak, Xhosa Cole, Alex Hitchcock, Tom Barford, Mark Kavuma’s Banger Factory, Misha Mullov Abbado, Camilla George, Ife Ogunjobi, Rob Luft, Ashley Henry, Alexandra Ridout and many many more. They have also partnered with Soundcrash and Kemp Town Carnival to create stage takeovers, launched their own Summer School and continued to work with Love Supreme to programme the ever-popular Bandstand Stage.


Building on the success of their 2020 programme of cinematic quality livestreams, NGJ invited six of the best young players into their TV studio to create a series of high quality, 30 minute concert videos.

Each of artist also contributed to a series of short instructional clips (see last week’s voti on the NGJ FORUM), giving out advice and insights into their own approach to creating music, and making this available to the people to spread the word far and wide.

Each concert video will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and Youtube Live on New Generation Jazz pages.

Wednesday May 19th – Emma Rawicz – Stunning sax player, singer and composer showcases new material with her new band

Wednesday June 2nd – Roella Oloro – In-demand keys player and returns from Berklee with a set of original compositions for her quartet.

Wednesday June 16th – Kianja – Pure good vibrations from the amazing singer/pianist

Wednesday June 30th – Quinn Oulton – Composer, sax player, singer, producer leading a group of some of the best young players around.

Wednesday July 14th – Cherise Adams-Burnett – Effortless charisma from the Jazz FM Awards nominee and her full band with a set of new songs

Wednesday July 28th – J-Felix Big band retro funk mayhem from Tru Thoughts Records’ favourite producer/guitarist and a selection of guest singers.






WATCH AND LISTEN selected music videos

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VOTI – Robert Mitchell’s 50th Birthday Concert


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APPJAG Review of Jazz in England


Watch and Listen – Deemer #2


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Watch and Listen – Isobella Burnham


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Yazz Ahmed In Conversation


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 2


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 1


Watch and Listen – DJ Ritu






- click here to add events, both online and in-person

Wendy Kirkland & Pat Sprakes Sextet

Sep 26, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Ms Maurice

Sep 27, 2021
  The Cockpit

Jim Rattigan

Sep 28, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club


Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre

Kidderminster Jazz Club – Roger Beaujolais

Oct 7, 2021
  Kidderminster Town Hall

Faye Patton Nu Jazz Quartet

Oct 16, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

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