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”…the venue has reopened its doors to the public and is back with a bang as a live music temple with layer upon layer of things to offer its audience”…


ConnectsMusic is happy to announce KOKO, the renowned Camden Town venue has reopened!


The venue was greatly damaged by fire in 2020, and it was thought that the venue might never reopen its doors again.


The construction works were significant and offered a range of challenges and opportunities – a fire broke out on site in 2020, causing damage to the dome, which had to be reconstructed. Consequent water damage to the theatre (150,000 litres of water entered the theatre from the fire engines, along with rain water from subsequent storms) threw up various obstacles, but gutting the building completely in places led to fortunate discoveries too, such as the fly tower above the main stage, which is now refurbished and made into an extra space for intimate performances. ‘We kept finding new pockets and new ways to unlock the space,’ Bengough recalls.


After nearly three years of major refurbishment, the venue has reopened its doors to the public and is back with a bang as a live music temple with layer upon layer of things to offer its audience!



Koko has reopened with a bang. The legendary London music venue, which in the past has hosted performances from artists including Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Thom Yorke and Kanye West, is opening its doors this month, following a seven-year planning, restoration and redesign process. The refreshed space not only encompasses a facelift of its historical main stage, but also features a state-of-the-art hospitality element, perfectly tailored for the music lover – House of Koko (including Café Koko and Koko shop).


This members’ club, which will include some areas that are open to the wider public, is a balanced blend of moodiness and polish, food and drink offerings and boutique performance options, all neatly wrapped in lush, bespoke design and technology that hopes to elevate the music experience to levels previously unseen in the city.


Koko owner and entrepreneur Olly Bengough explains that this reimagined version of the much-loved music culture hub has been a long time in the making. A first restoration in 2004 saw the venue able to host some 200 to 250 artists a year, but this was not enough for Bengough. How could its reach be further enhanced, he wondered?


Continue reading … https://www.wallpaper.com/architecture/koko-music-venue-reopening-london-uk 


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