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Nilza Costa is a Brazilian singer and songwriter from Salvador (Bahia), a city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and strongly influenced by “Afro” traditions. The passion for music is transmitted to her by her Afro-Indian origin di lei who accompanied her in Candomblé religious services, allowing her to get closer to Yoruba culture. In Salvador da Bahia, he performs as a solo voice in the chorus at Igreja de São Lazzaro and in the scenic chorus at Olodum.
Since 2006 she resides in Italy. Always supported by the contribution of exceptional instrumentalists from the Italian jazz scene, her artistic history has been enriched by numerous live shows across Europe and by illustrious collaborations.
A peculiarity of Nilza Costa is to combine the ancestral rhythms of Africa with some popular forms of Brazilian culture and religion such as Candomblé, Capoeira, Samba Duro, Maculel ê and Cantigas de Roda.
His artistic work is a journey through a magical itinerary suspended between cultures and languages ​​​​such as Yoruba, an ancient language introduced to the Americas by African slaves. The current form of his band consists of Roberto “Red” Rossi (drums, percussion and vocals), Daniele Santimone (seven-string guitar) and Maurizio Piancastelli (Trumpet / Effects / Keyboards )

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