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Feed mill, pig farm, cultural venue. The history of the Hunziken mill is almost as diverse as the hodgepodge of objects that the cult restaurant houses today.

Over 15,000 artists have already performed at the Hunziken mill – many of them even stop in Rubigen every year. The Bernese dialect rocker Polo Hofer played over 70 concerts in the mill until his death in 2017.
The first concert took place in the “Mühle Hunziken” in 1976. The former feed mill in Rubigen was converted into a concert hall by “Mühli-Pesche” when the demand for feed meal from Rubigen decreased.
Over 4,000 shows have taken place at the Hunziken mill since it was founded in 1976. And over 150 new ones are added every year.
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