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The Brechen jazz club has existed since 1987 and soon afterwards founded the “Brechen Big Band” as its first formation. The band soon attracted national attention through their first furious performance with Albert Mangelsdorff.

In addition to their own concerts, the band has performed at festivals in Limburg and Idstein and has appeared with well-known jazz greats such as Herb Geller, Joe Gallardo and Jeff Clayton.

The Brechen Big Band took part in Hessian and nationwide orchestra competitions with very good to excellent ratings and was therefore supported by the Kreissparkassenstiftung scholarship to support local musicians.

This was followed by workshops with Bernd Lechteenfeld, Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn and Malte Burba.

In 2012, the “RheinMainJazzOrchestra” was founded as a new formation and the concert activities were expanded to Frankfurt.

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